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The D-Word began in 1996 as a series of online journal entries that I kept up for 3 years depicting the joy and angst of making and selling my feature documentary, Home Page. It was meant to inform, inspire, humor and depress the hell out of working or aspiring documentary filmmakers, or anyone else interested in the filmmaking process, for that matter.

After Home Page went into distribution in 1999, The D-Word evolved into a virtual community and its focus shifted to hosting free discussions on documentary film and production, as well as all other matters in life as seen from a "D-Worder's" perspective. Now everyone could inform, inspire, humor and depress the hell out of each other!

Since that time, entirely through word-of-mouth, The D-Word has grown to become the pre-eminent online community for documentary filmmakers, currently numbering more than 17,000 members from 129 countries. 

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