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I'm a man of many hats. First and foremost, I'm a documentary filmmaker. I produce and direct, shoot and write. I both make my own films and help produce the films of others. While I'm best known for making personal docs, I make other kinds of films too. 

I do consulting, as well as personal coaching. I shoot photos for fun and weddings for profit. And I founded and host a thriving online community for documentary professionals.  

I'm currently in production on a new film, Betty & Henri, where I attempt to solve the mystery behind a 20-year old love letter that I discovered in a used travel book. With only first names to go on, it's been quite a ride. And on April 16, 2019, I'll be re-releasing a special 20th anniversary edition of my film Home Page, about a transformational year in the young life of the internet following the “founding father”of personal blogging. 20 years later, the film is more relevant than ever. 

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